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Crover House Hotel - Four Star Hotel
Crover House Hotel

The Kitchen Garden

Here at Crover House, our talented grounds’ staff and kitchen team, work together to make the most of what our garden has to offer, all year round.

Our focus is on natural, organically grown food.

Most of our vegetable varieties are picked when young and tender. We believe that nothing tastes better than young, freshly picked vegetables and herbs.

The combination of rich County Cavan soil and locally produced organic fertilizer means that our small plot can provide an abundance of seasonal vegetables, speciality salads, baby herbs and miniature cresses, all for use in our Country House Kitchen.

We encourage our visitors and guests to visit the garden. Children are especially welcome and sometimes get the opportunity to take part in either planting or picking. They are often surprised to discover that vegetables and salads need to be grown and don’t just appear magically, on the supermarket shelf.

Crover House grounds and gardens are looked after by Louise; she will be happy to chat with you and share her gardening knowledge and expertise, whenever she has some time to spare.