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Crover House Walks & Gardens



A Paradise for Nature Lovers

Take an afternoon or late evening stroll and enjoy all the peace and tranquillity that our splendid, lake-view, wooded walkway has to offer, or enjoy a brisk, early morning sprint before setting out on a day’s fishing. On the morning after the night before, go for a leisurely stroll in the country-fresh, clean air, and allow the sounds and scents of nature clear your head and restore and rejuvenate you, in mind, body and spirit. Throw off your troubles and cast your worries into the “Lake of the fairy pool" – Lough Sheelin, before heading off for a lakeside ramble.

Walk in Mindfulness

As you stroll along our wonderful, wooded walkway, allow your attention to rest gently on the soothing sights and sounds of nature. Notice the call of the sedge warbler and blackcap as they swoop and swirl among the trees and hedgerows that border lovely Lough Sheelin. Hear the gentle rhythm and rhyming swish of small boats as they bob lazily on the deep blue shores of the lake. Listen to the cooing call of the wood pigeon and the crunching underfoot sound of breaking twigs and allow your senses to be filled with the fresh fragrances of nature’s rich and benevolent, lake-view, wooded walkway.